Oil & Lube

Squeeky Kleen Car Wash, Lube, Detail & Tint offers a variety of maintenance services including oil changes.
Fast and reasonably priced, a Squeeky Kleen oil change helps to insure that your car continues running at peak performance.

All of our oil changes come with a FREE CAR WASH, 5 quarts of standard motor oil and a 12 point safety
inspection. If we find any problems we’ll alert you to them and, at your direction fix them on the spot.

Lube & Other Services


$31.95 up to 5 qts
$49.95 up to 5 qts
$59.95 up to 5 qts
$71.95 up to 5 qts
$44.95 up to 5 qts
$55.95 up to 10 qts

Basic Oil Change
Synthetic Blend
Full Synthetic
Mobile 1 Full Synthetic
High Mileage
Diesel Synthetic

System Cleaning

Fuel Injection Cleaning Service
Fuel Filter Service
Engine Flush
Radiator Drain and Fill
Engine Air Filters
Cabin Air Filters


Air Filter | Battery Check
Breather | Windshield Washer Fluid
PCV Valve | Coolant
Transmission Fluid | Power Steering Fluid
Wiper Blades | Brake Fluid
Serpentine Belt | Front/Rear Tire Pressure

Other Services

Air Conditioning Recharge
Rear & Front Differential Service
Tire Rotation
Battery Service & Replacement
Oil & Fuel Additives